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Skate, share and spread the stoke in India

Author Abhishek Shakenbake Location Bangalore
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Funding period: November 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014 (60 Days)



Skate community worldwide


Skateboarding has now reached massive proportions all over the world. A skateboard is not a toy, it is a vehicle to freedom from stress, addiction, fear, anger and any number of problems. This is probably why there are millions of skateboarders worldwide and the numbers keep growing. Skateboarding is relatively a new sport in India and its effect is slowly taking hold of the youth and the skateboarding community has been growing in the past few years. In a country of more than a billion people there are only 4 skateparks in all of India.  Now with the collaboration of passionate skateboarders from India, Australia and all over Europe we are planning to build new skateparks here.


Cirrus, Goa skate project 


In 2014 the Holystoked collective and friends built a skate ramp in Cirrus, Goa. The skateramp was crowd funded by all of us and by many of the good people from Goa. The labour was completely carried out by the group of people who had come to Cirrus. The ramp since then has slowly been becoming crowded by local kids who come there to skate. This year we plan to make the skatepark in Cirrus larger to accommodate all the kids coming there as well to provide more equipment for them as well as build a new skatepark in Kasol at Cirrus which was established there earlier this year.


Cirrus, Kasol


Kasol is a small town in the mountains of north India. Kasol has become quite famous for international drug tourism over past few years and the local kids there have many of the problems that come with such a thing in a small town. Many children as young as 7 years old rub cannibis plants to extract the resin which is called Hashish. They do this for small pocket money. You can click here to learn more about the problem. This is a complex issue and maybe skateboarding cannot solve all their problems but skateboarding is a special activity which will get kids outdoors playing and expressing themselves freely. Giving them a place where they can meet new people, have new ideas while having the best fun and making the best friends.


We are hoping to raise 500,000 INR which will allow us to do the following - 

  • Build a new skatepark in Kasol
  • Extend the mini ramp in Goa into a full skatepark 
  • Provide enough free equipment for the local kids to start their skate community


Abhishek at TEDx Bangalore 










Abhishek is one of the founders of the Holystoked skateboarding collective in India.

Adam Anderson

Adam is a passionate skater and diy park builder from Australia. He has volunteered for this project because he believes skateboarding has the best kind of positive impact on the youth.

Ignatius Camilo

Ignatius (Iggy) is the founder of Cirrus in Goa and in Kasol. He is a well known musician who loves to promote creativity in all its forms.

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Abhishek Shakenbake
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Contribute Rs. 500 USD $6.65
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Get a free skate lesson/skate session at the skatepark in Bangalore on the first weekend of December. We will be providing a free skate lesson at Play Arena Skate Park. We will inform you the exact timings.

Estimated Delivery: December 2014
Contribute Rs. 1000 USD $13.31
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Get a digital copy of the documentary which will follow the building of the new skateparks. We will be shooting a documentary on the construction of the 2 skateparks and all that happens during the build. We will send the download link to your email address.

Estimated Delivery: April 2015
Contribute Rs. 2500 USD $33.26
1 Supporters

Receive a "Skate, Share and spread the Stoke" T-shirt as well as a digital copy of the documentary following the building of the new skateparks ( i.e. Reward #2 ) We will share T-shirt design shortly. We can ship the T-shirt only within India.

Estimated Delivery: April 2015
Contribute Rs. 6000 USD $79.83
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Receive an art deck with a photo printed on it. We transform an old skate deck into a piece of art by transferring a photograph onto the wooden deck. We can ship the art deck only within India.

Estimated Delivery: April 2015
Contribute Rs. 10000 USD $133.05
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Have any 3 words you wish inscribed somewhere in one of the skateparks we are building. They don't have to be offensive :) We will contact you to get the words, start thinking about what you want inscribed. We will also send you the documentary download link.

Estimated Delivery: April 2015
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