Thrusto Volunteer Programme

So first of all, you might be wondering what is Thrusto?

Thrusto is a reward based crowdfunding website for creative and innovative projects. We built this platform to help the innovators/creators of India get the help they need.

What is crowdfunding?

Simply put, when a group of individuals contribute in funding a project, it’s called Crowdfunding.

How can I help?

India being a really big country, its impossible for us to find each and every creative person. There are many creators out there looking for funds, they just need guidance. We believe that Thrusto Volunteers can spread the word faster and educate people on what is crowdfunding and how it can help them.

We are sure, many of us have been saying the following things very often:

  • Why are most of the innovations done in the US?
  • Why can’t one of us make a company like Google?
  • Why are there not many Inventors from India?

The simple answer is that we have creators, we have great minds, we have inventors. We just need to find them and guide them so they can build the next big thing.

We need to build a strong community to achieve all this.


What will be my duties as a Volunteer?


Spread awareness about


Find creative people, guide them on
how they can start their project.


Attend Thrusto Community
Meetups whenever possible.

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